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While there are many heli-ski companies accessing the Chugach Mountain Range, there is only one that is proud enough to call Cordova home.  Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc. is the only heli-operation utlilizing this portion of the Chugach mountains. There are more first descents than one could obtain in a 100 lifetimes. Most people believe that Alaska is a scary and extreme place. Its is and can be, however movies and magazines had made it that way. PNH has over 1000 skiable miles of terrain catering to the intermediate skier or the world class athlete. Alaska has something for you. At PNH taking care of you and keeping safe is most important.

One Heli-of-a-Day in Cordova
As you lie in bed you hear the sound of helicopters warming up. You wake to realize that it's a bluebird day. You head for the dinning area and theirs a buzz in the air. Groups are posted the night before so you already know what time your flight departs. You have plenty of time eat breakfast and get ready for the days excursion.

A sack lunch is provided for you and kept in your pack. As you prepare to fly out your guide goes through a refresher of the safety briefings you went through the night before. At this point your body is full of excitement. You load the aircraft and before you know it, you have sensory overload. You have suddenly realized you are experiencing an adventure beyond your dreams. The Chugach welcomes you.

The heli lands on a peak that has vistas in every direction. Suddenly there is silence filled with excitement. You and your group are standing all alone on a remote peak in the Chugach. This is what you came for. At this point your guide goes through all of the safety aspects of your first descent in these mountains. This is a great time for questions if you have any. It is imperative that every member of the group is on the same page. After all safety and questions have been clarified, your guide drops in. He floats down the slope effortlessly and pulls out into a safe zone and signals that it is your turn. You give yourself a push and away you go. Suddenly realizing that the snow under your feet feels as though its baby powder. Cold, deep and dry. We like to call it "blower".

The snow tends to create large plumes of blowing snow behind you like a vapor trail. As you reach the end of your run you are overwhelmed with enjoyment. Most say, "that was the best run of my life" only to say that on the next run as well. By days end most state that was the best day of their life. Skiing or Snowboarding in the Chugach has a tendency to do just that. When you arrive back at the facility you have the opportunity to grab a cold beverage, share stories with others, take a sauna or just plain relax until dinner. There is always something to do until your next day arrives...

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